WSTA 2014 Conference

October 17 to 19, 2014

Downtown Spokane Conference Center 

The Next Generation:  Science and STEM for All

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Invitation to Join PESB Science 5-12 Work Group

Work group members are needed to further revise the NGSS-aligned Science 5-12 competencies so candidates earning this endorsement will be prepared to teach the entry level, high school courses.Information Flyer Download(PDF)

For more information, contact Patty Finnegan,Program Specialist of Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) (360) 725-6324 or

UW's new Masters of Science in Science for Teachers Program

Announcing a new graduate program in the College of the Environment at the University of Washington - the Masters of Science in Science for Teachers (MSST) degree.  MSST is a graduate degree in science developed specifically for experienced teachers.  The MSST program provides a unique opportunity to conduct scientific research with world-renowned UW faculty and research professionals as a mechanism to strengthen and broaden content knowledge and scientific skill sets.  

Why enroll in the MSST program?

Science is moving at ever-increasing speeds, with new breakthroughs, innovations and technologies.  Keeping pace requires science educators to engage in hands-on, high-level, real-life science.  With a MSST degree you will:

·      Strengthen and broaden your disciplinary content knowledge

·      Gain additional hands-on scientific skill sets

·      Design and implement your own research project

·      Equip yourself to lead in the practice of the Next Generation Science Standards

 “The MSBT furthered my career by providing me with an even stronger science background.  I was already certified in General Science but the added science courses were much more valuable to me than any of my education coursework.”  High School Biology Teacher, Edmonds School District

How do I apply?

We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 academic year. Please click here for application information. The deadline to apply for Fall 2014 is 1 September 2014. Please see the attached flyer for more information and visit our website to learn more. website......  MSST Flyer. Please contact us at with any questions.

Dr. Liz Nesbitt, MSST Program Director; Dr. Tansy Clay Burns, MSST Program Coordinator

Seeking science teachers for the field tests
As part of the National Board's ongoing revision of the certification process, we need to recruit thousands of PreK-12th grade teachers to participate in field tests over the next three years. To meet our targets for validity, we are in great need of science teachers -- in particular, non-NBCTs teaching chemistry, earth science and physics -- to volunteer for the field tests. The field tests offer candidates a chance to "test drive" the various components that make up certification at no cost and no risk. While there is no compensation or scores given, we are offering some incentives for teachers who complete the field tests. More information, including a link to the field test application, is available hereor on at  


WSTA Board attends National Congress on Science Education


Representatives from the WSTA Board of directors attended the annual National Congress on Science Education (NCSE). This year the meeting was held during the 3rd week in July in San Juan, Puerto Rico. NCSE is a conference-like 3-day meeting designed to provide

state science teacher organizations with information and a voice for science education matters through NSTA. The latest information and resolutions are brought to state

chapters, and chapters can provide input on these matters. This years workshop topics included:

  • Science & Engineering Practices & Inquiry
  • Elementary Science Laying a Solid STEM Foundation
  • Engineering & Engineering Design in Science Curriculum
  • English/Language Arts Literacy Standards in Science Classrooms

Roy Beven (President-Elect) and Midge Yergen (Past President) attended the congress on behalf of WSTA and information from the congress is incorporated into strategic planning and goal setting for the 2013-2014 year.


Seattle Times Editorial by Washington State LASER

LASER logo

We are very pleased to share with you that we wrote an opinion editorial that was published in the Seattle Times on Tuesday, June 11th. We hope you enjoy reading it and will join us in embracing the Next Generation Science Standards.

Remember you too can help make science and the Nest Generation Science Standards accessible to all students. Ask your legislator to support funding for professional development in science education. Request your school district teach science in every grade. And take your kids, or any kids, to a science center, science festival, aquarium, zoo or park.

Washington Science Teachers Association
Letter of Support for the Next Generation Science Standards

The Washington Science Teachers Association (WSTA) supports the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These standards are the logical next step from the state's 2009 science standards.

The new NGSS effectively integrate the states four Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRS) for science into a focused set of performance expectations for grades K-12.

Each Next Generation Science Standard is a set of performance expectations that logically combine a practice of science and engineering with a disciplinary core idea of the life science, Earth and space science, physical science, or engineering design. Each performance expectation focuses on a practice of science and engineering resulting in deeper understanding of disciplinary core ideas.

The NGSS are truly STEM standards by making engineering as important as science, including technological applications throughout the standards, and connecting the standards to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics and language arts.

In addition to the connections to other disciplines, the NGSS performance expectations for one science are intentionally connected to another science with crosscutting concepts that allow for deeper levels of understanding.

The NGSS give K-5 grade-level performance expectations based on researched learning progressions for the big ideas of science and engineering. These give the state a firm basis for consistent grade-level elementary curriculum, instruction, and assessment without prescribing how we teach and assess ourstudents.

The NGSS give grade 6-8 and grade 9-12 performance expectations and suggested ways to arrange them giving the state a basis for secondary curriculum, instruction, and assessment while keeping our local control of our courses and teaching.

The 2013 Next Generation Science Standards are 21st Century science performance expectations for the state to build a 21st Century science education system. We, as an organization, are excited about impact they could have on science instruction, and recommend they be adopted so they can begin impacting students across Washington State


Donate to WSTA

WSTA is a non-profit organization and gladly excepts donations to further the science education of our youth in Washington state through our mission and vision. If you would like to make a donation, please click the link Donate to WSTA.



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Friday, October 17, 2014 • Spokane Convention Center
Friday, October 17, 2014 • Spokane Convention Center
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